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Searching for the droids by ChristianBT Searching for the droids by ChristianBT
The last days I worked for a picture for a star wars project. I'm a fan and after watching the movies again I decided to create some fan art pictures. Star Wars is for me the best Space Opera ever. I love the spaceships, the story and the amazing ideas in the movie. Also the mood in the old movies are fantastic. The latest 3 movies are ok but for a fan of the old movies the atmosphere is missing. But this is just my opinion.
To the picture. The scene is playing in episode 4 after Luke visited Obi Wan. They are on the way to the space port and found the Jawa sandcrawler destroyed from the empire. The Jawa sell C3PO and R2D2 to Lukes family. This picture is before Skywalker found the destroyed sandcrawler. The Stormtrooper are searching for the droids. 

I create the Sandcrawler and the Lambda Shuttle with Cinema4D and processed in Photoshop. I think its much better than my last 3D picture. Still not perfect but better than last time. The Stormtroppers are photos I shot on a festival. There was a big group of fans with a lot of equipment.  Perfect for stock photos. What is your opinion about my picture and Star Wars. Do you have another favorite Science Fiction story. Let me know.

I used these Stock images.
Desert by Welshterriergirl
Mountains by Humblebeez
Thank you very much
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